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My name is Emily Burroughs and until 18 months ago I was a chronic insomniac.

I tried every conceivable remedy for insomnia, ranging from medications and supplements to drastic diet changes and various apparatus. None of it worked for me.

I now write about may experiences and talk about the only insomnia cure I found which does actually work.

Follow my journey from chronic insomnia to a full, restful nights sleep and discover exactly how I did it and hopefully I can help you put an end to your own insomnia.


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Remedy For Insomnia

Hi my name is Emily and until 18 months ago I suffered from insomnia.

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If you’re reading this page the there is a high chance that you are a fellow sufferer.

You know exactly what it’s like to be exhausted when you get out of bed in the morning. To be perpetually tired, to be irritable all the time, and for me by far the worst insomnia side effect, suffering from a lack of concentration and clear thinking. It felt like I had a head full of cotton wool and at one stage threatened my career.

I’d tried, well, I don’t remember how many different insomnia cures, but it felt like I’d tried every single remedy for insomnia out there, It didn’t matter how ridiculous they seemed, I was desperate, and if there was even a slight chance that I would get a full nights sleep then I bought it.

Let me list a few, just in case you are considering buying any of them and give you some advice – Save Your Money, read the rest of my story before splashing the cash!

Remedy for InsomniaI tried every conceivable over the counter sleep aid drug, then I moved onto vitamin supplements and herbal sleep cure remedies. At one point I was taking so many different pills that I felt like I would rattle ever time I moved. And guess what? None of them worked.

So I looked for alternative insomnia remedies and even started considering supposed traditional sleep cures and old wives tales.

I spent two months religiously going to bed at 10pm – then the next month staying up as late as possible.

I went through a phase of enjoying a warm before retiring for the night. Then I read on the internet that a guaranteed remedy for insomnia was to not have any liquids at all for at least 90 minutes before going to bed.

None of it worked for me!

So I looked at my diet and dining habits.

I must admit that I enjoyed a late night snack or supper. nothing large of course, as I instinctively knew that big meals wouldn’t help. But I had to give my light suppers up as I was instructed to eat nothing at all after 9pm. It didn’t help.

I also started eating lots of different things. Unprocessed cereals, as these are supposed to greatly increase the production of the endorphin Serotonin and bananas, which are rich in Potassium and Tryptophan, made it onto my daily menu (banana sandwiches are lovely by the way!).

I started every day with a steaming hot bowl of porridge – made the English way with milk and sugar – I couldn’t bring myself to eat it in the Scottish fashion, boiled for hours and made with nothing more than oats, water and salt. I started to eat lots of nuts as well. Particularly Brazil nuts, because they contain lots of selenium which has been shown to help you relax.

Whilst I discovered lots of new foods which I now thoroughly enjoy, none of them seemed to help me as an insomnia cure.

I was still either unable to get to sleep, laying in bed getting more and more frustrated with myself. Or, when I did eventually drop off to sleep I continued to wake up ridiculously early and then spend the rest of the night tossing and turning.

Did I mention eye-masks, black out curtains and even something called Glo-lamps? No. Well here’s another tip, save your money to spend on something that actually works!

Ok, so I’ve told you about some of the things I tried to cure my insomnia which didn’t work. So what about the real remedy for insomnia I discovered?

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I started telling my story by saying that I struggled with insomnia until 18 months ago. So what happen to cure me?

I was chatting to a friend in one of the sleep and insomnia forums I was a member of, and she told me about a quick quiz she had just taken.

So I clicked on the link and answered the 7 simple questions. (You can takeRemedy for Insomnia the quiz yourself by clicking here if you wish.)

But it wasn’t the quiz that caught my attention, it was the video that popped up when I went to leave the site.

The man on the video was telling me (in a funny French accent) about his insomnia and the technology he developed to cure it.

If I’m being honest, while I related to what he was saying, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard on a hundred other insomnia cure websites. But, largely because of the accent, I stuck with the video right through to the end. And I’m glad I did.

When Yan, that’s the guy with the funny French accent, got to the part where he revealed what the program was I was massively intrigued.

This was something I’d never seen before, and I’ve already mentioned how many insomnia cures I’d tried.

So, I’m pleased to say, I decided to take a chance and buy it. And what a great decision that was!

I downloaded the program, watched a couple of the videos and then prepared for bed.

If your thinking now that I’m going to tell you I was instantly cured and had a full, restful nights sleep, you’d be wrong. In fact I was going to give it up as yet another remedy for insomnia rip-off!

But my friend on the forum encouraged me to stick with it. “It works” she said.

And she was right. It does work.

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It took 7 or 8 days to kick in and start working, but once it did I finally started sleeping right through the night AND waking up feeling refreshed like I had slept all night.

And I haven’t looked back. 18 months later and my sleep problems are over.

I do still have the odd sleepless night, but they are few and far between and I don’t worry about it because I know that I will have a great sleep the next night.

If you are sick of trying every conceivable remedy for insomnia then stop wasting your money and find out about the only insomnia remedy that I have found which really works.

CLICK HERE NOW FOR ALL THE INFORMATION (and don’t forget to watch the video!) You won’t regret it.

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    • Hello, i have read your story and iam very happy that your problem is solved, even i have the same problem , i hope the program you mentioned in the article might help me curing it.Iam dying for good night sleep, thank you for the article, keep posting.
      sandeep001´s last blog ..How Age affects Sleep My ComLuv Profile

    • armil from insomnia cures:

      I am happy for you.
      Thank God you followed what you learned in the video that popped out when you try to leave the site.

      I once suffer from insomnia but gladly I made it too.
      Though we used different steps/methods in curing insomnia I am happy for you.
      armil@ insomnia cures´s last blog ..New Age HealingMy ComLuv Profile

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